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I'm Steve Kwan. I'm a technology leader, process strategist, and advisor with 20 years of experience leading teams, building products, and growing companies. I've worked with companies of all sizes and stages: from tiny to Fortune 500, from startup to IPO.

I'm also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and I'm the founder of BJJ Mental Models: one of the world's top Jiu-Jitsu podcasts and educational resources. You're likely familiar with us if you train.

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“A developed, systematic, and scientific approach to Jiu-Jitsu. Especially as the sport continues to evolve and expand exponentially into new realms of complexity. It's like cheat codes to help you understand Jiu-Jitsu specifically if you are an experienced athlete or coach.”


“I love the conceptual approach and how they break things down. It answers the why and elevates how you play the game into a more strategic level, rather than tactical.”


“Matt and Steve talk about BJJ in a way that I’ve yet to hear before. I’ve gotten answers to questions I didn’t know how to ask and from this, I have fixed holes in my game that I didn’t previously understand. Their scientific approach to the game of Jiu-jitsu has added an entirely new way for me to understand the positions, transitions, movements and submissions of Jiu-Jitsu.”


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